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Digitwix has been crated with a dream of using BIM models as a facility management tool. BIM tools are mostly used for design issues as well as for construction site operations. However, BIM models can be used on facility management period to get full efficiency from them. These models provide cost saving opportunities and to reduce costs that occur on facility management period.


Also, we need to involve building lifecycle data into our BIM models to achieve BIM Level 3. We are using our BIM models for design period and construction period. Then all data flow stops and clients start using other softwares. This method causes problems during transferring data from BIM software to facility management software. We are targetting using BIM models to the removal period of building. We are planning to update models via BIM 360 and monitor via DigiTwix.


DigiTwix is a web application which is implemented with 


In the first phase of development of project, we started with investigating Revit automation tools for a while and met Forge on a seminar. Forge gave us opportunity to use BIM models without creating our own implemented viewer. After the implementation of Forge viewer integration, we used Revit parameters to design facility management process technically via Forge. For the implementation of Forge integration, we are mainly using Viewer API and Model Derivative API.

While we were improving our design and implementation, we have analyzed facility management and product life cycle management tools which are commonly used in market. During the design phase, we have changed and adjusted our model according to needs in market.

Thanks to team members’ deep knowledge of BIM360, Dynamo on BIM side, software development, and IT technical design, we can integrate our application’s modules with Forge viewer efficiently. Of course, Forge gave us a big opportunity to combine our knowledge with their tools and accelerate our works.

Then, we met with Kean Walmsley and his Dasher 360. We inspired in it for our user interface and asked him about technical issues. We created viewer screen and started to work on designing and implementing asset screens. We achieved to list all elements and their parameters which we modified before. Then we developed the screens and pop-ups for IoT integration. These screens include some graphics and charts that show the detailed data of sensors which are embedded into BIM model. While we were achieving to match sensors with model elements we have used some viewer extensions. So, we have experienced in using viewer extensions and thereby we can also edit toolbar properties by using these extensions. Currently, we work on getting room data and enhance the user interface of our viewer implementation.


We have already applied for some global competitions regarding to our implementation and potential customers. We are ready to show our demo and present our services and solutions in terms of getting new feedbacks. We have our website domain but it isn’t active because we didn’t launch DigiTwix yet. However, we started to connect with possible clients for their usage of Digital Twins on their facility management issues. Also, one of our goals is developing projects on governmental buildings. We can analyze their energy expenditure and develop an AI tool for energy saving. Because of pandemic, monitoring public buildings will be important. We can create tools for them also.

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